Fix Microsoft #SharePoint bug in Oslo Master page

This article describes a method for solving a problem with the interface in SharePoint sites with Oslo master page layout.


When you are selecting an Oslo master page layout for your site (Team Site) there is an issue in displaying large column lists.

See the following picture:


You can observe left margin. If the list from the site contains more columns the left margin is bigger.


I use classic Console/Debugger app from my browser and I identify that there is an issue related to the CSS formatting applied to:

div id=”titleAreaBox” and to div class=”content wrapper”.

Oslo contentwrapper

You can observe in Style section, value of the margins of content wrapper are in percent’s. These percent’s that are applies here are from the width of the page, not of the screen.

Solving steps

1. In SharePoint Designer 2013, open the site and navigate to Master Pages section.

2. Open in edit mode the file oslo.master. Find the expression div id=”titleAreaBox”, edit the line and add style=”margin-left:5px”


3. Find the expression div class=”contentwrapper”, edit the line and add style=”margin-left:20px;margin-top:20px;”


Save the page and go back to browser and refresh.

If you do not have access to SharePoint Designer, you can choose to corect the pages from a list using jQuery script added in page:


Hope it helps.


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